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Double roll crusher Introduction

Double roll crusher roll short break, roll crusher, crushing equipment is relatively old-fashioned, simple roll crusher structure and too little broken phenomenon, toothed roller surface, the size of the arrangement may vary with the nature of the material , can the hard and soft ore medium and fine crushing, such as sulfuric acid plant is usually jaw crusher for pyrite once broken, so that diameter of 20 ~ 30mm, entering double roll crusher for secondary crushing the ore diameter of 5mm or less reached boiling furnace requirements. Roll crusher (roll crusher) Disadvantages: large area, low production efficiency.
Yield: 5-100 tons / hour
Applications: Suitable for above average particle size of less hardness materials, such as: coal, river gravel, perlite, limestone and dolomite.
Features: a fine discharge, vibration river pebbles sand works best, product size, less powdery, affordable, durable wearing parts, reliable performance advantages.

Roll Crusher Applications

Roll Crusher for mineral processing, chemical, cement, building materials and other industrial sectors and tertiary crushing all kinds of medium hardness ores and rocks following purposes.

The working principle and structure of a roll crusher

1, the series of roller crusher is mainly composed by the roller, the roller support bearings, compacting and regulating parts of the device and a driving device and other components.
2, the particle size of the adjustment: fitted between two rollers or wedge shims to the top means wedging devices equipped with adjusting bolt When the adjustment bolt pull up the wedge, the wedge activities roller top from fixed wheel, that is, two roller gap becomes larger, the particle size becomes large, when the wedge down activities roller compression spring under the effect of two gap smaller, the smaller particle size. Spacer means is through quantity or thickness of shims to adjust the particle size of the material, while increasing the gasket two roller gap becomes larger, while reducing the gasket two roller gap becomes smaller, the smaller particle size .
3, the drive mechanism is composed of two motors through V-belt drive to the sheave drag roller, rotates in the opposite direction, when the broken material, the material from the inlet through the roller, the roller compacted and broken, broken after the finished product is discharged from the chassis below.
4, for safety, drive part should install safety cover according to the actual situation.

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